There is nothing to compare with the joy of owning a really special fishing rod. I specialise in custom-built game and coarse rods made specifically for our own personal customers.

I can build rods in carbon fibre or traditional cane. Every blank has individual features that require our specialist skills in order to create a first-class rod. This is an intricate process requiring hours of work and years of experience. As a small manufacturer I have the time to devote to the important details that make the difference between an off-the-shelf and a custom-built fishing rod. Each rod built is supplied complete with a quality rod-bag and aluminium Tube
My prices are a pleasant surprise to customers. Because I do not make rods for other outlets I am able to sell at manufacturers’ prices, offering you the very best fishing rods at a fraction of the cost of other top quality rods. Whilst prices vary depending on the exact specification, a typical 9-foot two-piece rod in carbon fibre will cost about £275 whilst one in cane is in the region of £375. I do not quote delivery times but our turn-round is generally about four weeks and I ask for £100 deposit at the time of order.
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